The management system that simplifies the work of your restaurant

Dishup software takes care of managing orders, production centers, orders and payments at the table, delivery, take away and reports for you.

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Running your restaurant has never been easier

Manage orders, acquire orders and cash out effortlessly. Offer a memorable experience to your customers and simplify operations for your collaborators. You will be able to monitor your restaurant from any device.


Dishup works for you, whatever dish you're serving

Optimize your service, improve communication with dining room and kitchen staff. Reach your goals with detailed reports and statistics.

Grow your business, reach your goals with Dishup

Your goals are ours too. For this you will have detailed reports available, easy to read and comparable with other periods.

Why choose Dishup

Much more than a management. Everything you need for your restaurant

Improve processes

Receive commands in real time on Live Manager, improve production center processes with Kitchen Manager

Help the wait staff

Improve Dishup Waiter efficiency. The dining room staff will have full control of the tables and service times

Reduces costs

Eliminate the costs of installation or technical interventions for maintenance. Dishup is ready to use in just a few clicks


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