Analyze sales like a pro.

Analyze sales like a pro.

With our powerful analytics tools, we offer you the opportunity to fully understand sales trends. Whether you want to pinpoint the most popular dishes or identify the most profitable days of the week, we provide you with all the necessary information.

The best part? Everything is accessible in real-time, allowing you to quickly adapt your strategies and maximize the success of your business.

Complete data

Predict the future of your sales with our analytics.

Dishup offers you the opportunity to compare your reports in detail, allowing you to understand during which periods your restaurant is most profitable.

With this functionality, you can make more accurate forecasts and plan your strategies more effectively.

Assistance with choice

Know your top products.

Discover which dishes are most loved by your customers. Dishup helps you understand which dishes are top sellers in your restaurant, providing you with a clear and detailed overview of your sales.

Valuable information that can guide you in future choices.

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Perfect solution for the pizzeria.

Why choose Dishup

Much more than just a management system: everything you need for your restaurant.

Improve processes.

Dishup is the comprehensive partner every restaurant desires. It offers intuitive menu management, enables secure and seamless ordering, provides valuable data analytics for informed decision-making, and automates processes that streamline staff life. Moreover, Dishup collects customer feedback, aiding in continuously improving the offered experience. An all-in-one solution designed to optimize efficiency and ensure the ongoing success of your restaurant.

Assist the staff.

Dishup is a crucial ally for front-of-house staff, ensuring optimized service. Precise orders alleviate concerns, while seamless communication with the kitchen ensures fast and delicious dishes. Flexibility in service enhances the customer experience. With Dishup, staff can manage tables, reservations, and deliver impeccable service through an intuitive solution.

Reduces costs.

Dishup reduces operational costs through the automation of inventory management and ordering processes. The elimination of human errors and improved communication efficiency between staff and the kitchen reduce waste and enhance resource utilization. Additionally, the option for customers to place orders autonomously through the app reduces the need for additional staff for order taking.