The quickest way to order at the restaurant

Your customers can see the menu and order quickly. It takes seconds to order and pay at the restaurant. Safe. Comfortable. Fast

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The QRCode is just the beginning

Your customers sit down and can see the digital menu immediately. If they want to order something they don’t have to wait and if they want to pay they don’t have to queue at the cashier


Manage your restaurant with an all inclusive program

Thanks to a complete package of features, you will be able to take care of your restaurant effortlessly, being able to dedicate more time to the experience of your customers.


How does it work?

Offer your customers a memorable experience. A QR Code is enough to consult the menu, order and pay. Make the most of the benefits of your digital menu.

Dishup works for you whatever dish you are serving

“Thanks to Dishup I’m always ahead of room service. Paying at the table revolutionizes the way you work. Customers choose the experience they want to have.”

Paolo Verna

Il Postaccio, Bacaro Marsicano

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Why choose Dishup

Much more than a management. Everything you need for your restaurant

Improve processes

Receive commands in real time on Live Manager, improve production center processes with Kitchen Manager

Help the wait staff

Improve Dishup Waiter efficiency. The dining room staff will have full control of the tables and service times

Reduces costs

Eliminate the costs of installation or technical interventions for maintenance. Dishup is ready to use in just a few clicks


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