Manage orders easily

Increase efficiency and improve communication with the kitchen. The dining room staff will be able to have full control of the tables, acquire orders, receive notifications from the kitchen every time a dish is ready to be served.


How does it work?

The dining room staff will have an app available on their smartphones to manage the dining room and communications with the kitchen in real time. Eliminate any possibility of error in the management of the order and improve the efficiency of the dining room staff. Orders will be sent to the kitchen with full details of additions, variations and special instructions.


Faster than pen and paper, easier than manual

Orders will no longer be a problem for you and your dining room staff. The waiters will be able to acquire orders in a simple and intuitive way, manage special customer requests, additions to the order and bill requests. The orders will arrive in real time in the kitchen. In this way the waiters will be able to concentrate on the customers and on the operations in the dining room.


Manage take away and food delivery quickly and easily

Manage take-out orders and home deliveries from a single interface. Do you want to make your delivery easier and reduce management costs? With Dishup, your customers will be able to pre-order from home or from the office, set the pick-up or delivery time and choose the payment methods they prefer.

Create an even better customer experience without wasting time and paper

Get started  with tableside ordering for your business today. Offer your customers a unique experience of booking in your restaurant.

Why choose Dishup

Much more than a management. Everything you need for your restaurant

Improve processes

Receive commands in real time on Live Manager, improve production center processes with Kitchen Manager

Help the wait staff

Improve Dishup Waiter efficiency. The dining room staff will have full control of the tables and service times

Reduces costs

Eliminate the costs of installation or technical interventions for maintenance. Dishup is ready to use in just a few clicks


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