Do you use Invoices in the Cloud to manage your business?

Now you can invoice your customers directly from Dishup thanks to the integration with Invoices in the Cloud. If you are already a customer of Fatture in Cloud you can activate Dishup Premium and receive 2 months for free.


The integration with Fatture in Cloud is born

Thanks to the direct connection with Fatture in Cloud you can issue invoices for your customers directly from Dishup. In a few moments you will be able to send invoices to your customers without leaving Dishup


Simplify the sending of invoices for your customers

Thanks to the integration with Fatture in Cloud, Dishup’s Live Manager will have a new function for sending invoices. Open the settings panel and click on Login with Cloud Invoices


Discover the offer dedicated to Fatture in Cloud customers

If you are already a customer of Invoices in the Cloud, activate Dishup Premium and you will receive 2 months for free. Promo valid until March 31, 2023

Create an even better customer experience without wasting time and paper

Get started  with tableside ordering for your business today. Offer your customers a unique experience of booking in your restaurant.

Why choose Dishup

Much more than a management. Everything you need for your restaurant

Improve processes

Receive commands in real time on Live Manager, improve production center processes with Kitchen Manager

Help the wait staff

Improve Dishup Waiter efficiency. The dining room staff will have full control of the tables and service times

Reduces costs

Eliminate the costs of installation or technical interventions for maintenance. Dishup is ready to use in just a few clicks


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