Frequent questions

A list of frequently asked questions from Dishup users

Frequent questions

Yes of course, however, they remain two separate instruments. With Dishup you can manage the menu, orders, staff organisation, dining room, table payments, invoices by integrating with Fatture in Cloud.

The digital menu can always be reached via QRCode or app. The QRCode is generated in your restaurant’s management panel.

If you are a restaurateur, Dishup offers you the digitization of your menu for free. Just send us your menu in any format (photo, doc, pdf, etc). We’ll process it digitally and make it available to your customers on Dishup.

Absolutely yes, Dishup is a multi-device software, meaning it can be used by smartphones, tablets, PCs, iOS, Android and Windows.

Absolutely yes, Dishup Waiter is the app designed to manage orders for restaurant staff and is compatible with Android systems.

Once payments have been enabled, through the Live Manager panel, you can print the pre-account containing the QRCode that can be used by your customers to make the payment from their smartphone. Alternatively, your customers can pay the bill directly from the app by entering the table number.

The list of checkout systems that can be integrated with Dishup is constantly growing. Contact our customer service to verify the integration with your system.

Yes. Configuring the menu is extremely easy, but if you need it, Dishup also offers assistance in configuring the menu.

Dishup always needs an internet connection. If the wifi connection does not work temporarily, all Dishup management operations can be performed directly from the smartphone, including paying for the table.

Absolutely yes. Dishup complies with all the regulations of the GDPR 679/2016. Your salon details will not be disclosed to third parties.

The data are and ALWAYS remain of the restaurant. Dishup is the data processor. According to the GDPR 679/2016 regulation, the restaurant authorizes Dishup to become the entity that processes personal data. Dishup contains the data without disclosing it to third parties and/or reusing it for other purposes

Of course, because the restaurant remains the owner of the data and Dishup is simply the “container” of the data for the restaurant.